April 5, 2022

What is the skin microbiome and what does it do for your skin health

Your skin is a complex ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms. Called the "skin microbiome," this diverse microbial community lives on the surface of your body. But the question remains: should you be worried about these microbes? Our skincare experts say no. In fact, they may even be beneficial to your skin health! As long as it's maintained, the skin microbiome is a completely normal part of your skin's function.

The skin microbiome is the complex community of bacteria and other microorganisms that live on the surface of your skin. This diverse community of microbes helps to protect your skin from infection and plays a role in maintaining your skin health. The benefits of a healthy skin microbiome include protection against infection and a reduction in inflammation. But if the good bacteria become disrupted by environmental stressors like pollution and UV damage it can leave your skin being dehydrated and inflammed.

The benefits of a healthy skin microbiome

A healthy skin microbiome is beneficial for your skin health in a number of ways. First, it helps to protect your skin from infection. The diverse community of microbes helps to ward off harmful bacteria and fungus that can cause skin infections.

Second, a healthy skin microbiome can help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the body's response to injury or infection. The inflammatory response is a process that involves the release of immune cells and chemicals that help to fight off things that are not supposed to be in the body. Inflammation helps the body heal from injury or infection, but if it lasts for too long, it can cause skincare issues. For example, chronic inflammation can lead to collagen and elastin breakdown.

How to maintain your skin's microbiome

So how can you help to maintain a healthy skin microbiome?

Keep your skin clean and dry. Washing your skin regularly with a mild cleanser like our Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser and drying off thoroughly after bathing helps to remove bacteria and other microorganisms from the surface of your skin. This cleanser is ideal because it is free from harsh ingredients and uses yogurt.

Avoid harsh skin products. This is why we love our Eminence Collection filled with organic good for your skin ingredients.

Be careful of environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, and lifestyle factors like lack of sleep or smoking. All of these can lead to microbiome issues.

Is there anything you should be worried about with regards to the bacteria on your skin?

For many of us, the thought of bacteria crawling on our skin is enough to make our hair stand on end. We go to great lengths to cleanse and purify our skin, using harsh chemicals in an effort to kill any unwanted microscopic guests. However, according to some reputable dermatologists, there is no need to be so concerned about the bacteria on our skin. In fact, they say that these bacteria are actually essential for maintaining healthy skin. The truth is that our skin is home to a complex ecosystem of different bacteria, and these microbes play a vital role in keeping our skin hydrated and protected from infection. So the next time you start to feel squeamish about the thought of bacteria on your skin, just remember that they might be keeping you looking fresh and dewy.

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