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The vibe was awesome, great customer service. Quayla is the best!!!!!!

Cory Howell

As usual Nina gave my the best Ashiatsu massage, she hit all my trigger points & relaxed muscles I had trained hard at the gym!

Jim Smith


Larry Smail

Enjoyed my microderm abrasion and chemical peel with Kay. She was very professional and catering. I enjoyed the relaxation and the whole experience.

Troi Anderson

I have an L4-L5 nerve pinch in my back and occasionally I will experience significant pain and loss of mobility. I rely on the incredible team at Destress to help me find relief. I have never been let down here.

Eric Edwards

I feel like a broken record but every time I go see Jodi she does a wonder job and it's 90 minutes that I'd like to keep going for another 90 minutes. I recommend her highly. She is very professional and highly skilled at giving you one of the best massages you've ever had.

Hobert Corbett

Bar none, Jen is the best masseuse in the 757! She takes her job seriously and listens to her customers. She’s been in the business for over 13 years and she continues to improve her knowledge of the business and applies her skills and abilities better than any other masseuse I have ever experienced. Keep up the great job!

Larry Hopkins

Rachels the BEST!

Bob Taguding

The massage was awesome and the young lady was so nice . Great job and I will be booking another appointment.

Michael Daniels

It was very relaxing a peace of mind. Body feels great.

Keith Gaines

While the majority of our menu is designed for any gender, these are some of our favorite services that individuals who identify as a guy prefer.

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Ashiatsu (60, 75, and 90 Minutes)
$85 and Up
Profoundly deep work without the uncomfortable pressure of a typical deep tissue massage.
MANicure - $30
Men...sometimes when you hold out hands your skin is a little rough and dry. Plus dirty finger nails are not a turn on. Take care of it with our manicure.
Dude Pedicure - $40
Our nail therapists will moisturize, scrub, and soak all the dead skin away while addressing serious nail issues like fungus and ingrown nails.
Chest - $45
Remove unwanted hair from those places where hair really shouldn't be!
Back - $55
Remove unwanted hair from those places where hair really shouldn't be!


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Eyelash &
Brow Tinting

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Nail Care

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