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These services are performed by therapists with over 500 hours of advanced education. These modalities may not be suitable for new clients and may require a consultation before booking.

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Neuromuscular Therapy - Starts at $85
A precise and thorough massage on soft tissues associated with long term pain and injuries. This is NOT a full body massage. Available in 60/90 minute sessions begins at 85.00
Cupping Therapy - Starts at $80
Large bell-shaped cups are placed along lines of the body and a vacuum seal is created pulling connective tissue away from the muscles. Relieves chronic pain and improves range of motion. Cupping is able to penetrate deep into your tissue triggering your lymphatic system, clearing blood vessels, and improves the connective tissue. Available in 60/90 minute sessions begins at 80.00
Competitive Sports Massage - Starts at $80
For both before and after athletic events, detailed work on muscle groups used specifically during competition. Good for preventing injuries and to help injured muscles recover quicker. Available in 60/90 minute sessions starting at 80.00
Myofascial Release (60 Minutes)
$75 and Up
Myofascial Release (90 Minutes)
$95 and Up
Deep tissue with a soft touch. Softens connective tissue to help eliminate pain and restore motion.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Starts at $80
Gentle touch to increase the efficiency of the lymphatic system. Helps with edema, pre and post surgical procedures, fibromyalgia and Detoxification of the body systems. Ten minute consultation included in your first session. *Always check with your primary care physician if you are unsure if this service is for you. Available in 60/90 minute sessions begins at 80.00


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